Fortifying Intuition

Affirming Sisterhood

Intuition is an inner knowing that guides your decisions. It is interdependent with truth, desire, self-love, and emotions, but is none of these things. Although it is often confused with intense emotions, it is actually the sweetest, subtlest and calmest of experiences.

We all know it well in hindsight when we are experiencing the repercussions of not listening to it. How many times have you thought, “I totally saw this coming”? I have found myself in some major doozies because I blew past my intuition.

All big decisions come with big emotions and this is where sisterhood is key. To help us sift through our emotional charge so we can access our intuition, we need to look at the different scenarios and dump our fears/tears with our sisters. At the end of this process intuitive truth is fortified.

When you tell a sister to trust her intuition you are reconnecting her to a well of inner-knowing AND cultivating self-love. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t trust yourself. And the reverse is true, if you feel like you can’t trust yourself, you will have a hard time loving yourself. To listen and trust your intuition is a beautiful act of self-love. When you decide from this place, you can’t lose. Really.


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