A Letter to my Daughter: Motherhood & Sisterhood

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Dearest Little Goddess,

Since your mama is all about “returning a fiercely loving feminine legacy,” I certainly think about empowering your womanhood… a lot.

Since you are only five (“and a half!”) and thus have much more pressing matters on your mind, I’ve decided to write to you about some of my big “aha” moments; maybe one day down the road, you will read them (and maybe even dig them).

There is so much to write, but today I want to tell you about motherhood and sisterhood.  I was recently interviewed by an amazing woman for her “Maybe Baby” e-course, and I adorably start off my interview by saying that motherhood “annihilated” me. Though the people who speak embellishmentese understand what I mean, some amazing folks emailed me desiring elaboration.

First, let me distinguish between you and motherhood.

You were hands down one of the most amazing things to ever arrive into my life. I was blown open with a fierce love when I held you for the first time. To this day, I watch you in complete wonder. And you were born on the eve of the “pink moon,” which in hindsight was the most auspicious wink from the universe of all the wisdom you would bring.

Essentially there was something about being the mother of a young child that felt so off for me. I felt a constant craving I couldn’t put my finger on. For the first year and a half, it was a riddle that teased me at every turn, and I wrestled with it and demanded it reveal itself. It eventually did.

What I finally came to realize was that I was missing a strong female community. Not too long ago and for thousands of years, women raised children together. It’s only in the last century that most modern women shifted into raising their kids with their partners. My DNA was craving the old paradigm.

My situation was an extreme case of how not to do it, because I had recently moved to Seattle where I didn’t have deep roots. Couple this with my “I-can-do-it-myself-ness” (AKA an inability to receive), and I created a breeding ground of isolation.

Not developing/maintaining strong and supportive female relationships was my biggest “mistake.” When the torrential rains of motherhood hit— sleep deprivation, hormones, and the pressure that every modern woman juggles— affirming sisterhood gets you through. It makes the first wildly demanding years of motherhood doable.

SO, what I mean by “annihilated” is that motherhood destroyed my illusion that I was an independent being who could do it all by myself. Realizing this truth has been one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I could write pages about all that separates women from each other, but I’ll save that for another time. Know that I am on it. Also know that as soon as I realized what I was missing, I did an immediate course correct and have been soaking up sisterly love ever since.

There it is, love. For these reasons, if you should one day choose to become a parent, one of my biggest desires for you is that you feel fueled by the support of a loving female community. Yes, this is true for every aspect of life — when you have a pack of loving women behind you, you can do anything.


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