Mysticism & Emotional Health
They need each other.

I teach people how to use unconditional love to heal their heart. This is also called forgiveness.

I found forgiveness in October 2012 after a three-year struggle from a ruptured relationship…and it worked. For the first time in three years I felt peaceful. Prior to this experience my entire adult career pursued the intersection of spirituality and psychology, though I mainly thought forgiveness was an unrealistic ideal. So when I gave forgiveness a try and it ended my struggle, I was wowed.

Within a few years of this experience a few things became clear:

  • Most people are living with some hurt they wish they could forgive, but they lack a practical how.
  • Though most define forgiveness as pardoning, forgiveness has another definition that does not excuse behavior. Forgiveness is also a spiritual experience that heals the heart.
  • People who identify as spiritual-but-not-religious want a forgiveness path that is straight-up, practical, heart-centered, and dogma-free.

Forgiveness + Emotional Power

There are many things I love about forgiveness, but that it requires emotional power is my favorite. Enter your email to receive a free 10 minute audio to learn more about emotional power, and it's role on the forgiveness path.

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