Welcome to my mighty, but humble space in the cyber-universe.

I teach people how to use unconditional love to heal their heart. This is also called forgiveness.
I reluctantly found forgiveness in October 2012 after emotionally struggling for three years from a ruptured relationship. Prior to this fateful month, I had spent my entire adult career studying the intersection of emotional healing and spirituality, thus when forgiveness brought me inner peace, I was wowed.
Within a few years of this experience I would clearly see that:
  • most people are living with a some hurt that they wish they could forgive, but they lack a practical how.
  • the definition of “pardoning others” has it’s healthy place in the world, but forgiveness has another meaning which is not about excusing anyone’s behavior. In addition to pardoning others, forgiveness is also a spiritual experience that heals the heart. 

  • forgiveness needed an update. People who identified as spiritual-but-not-religious needed a forgiveness path that was straight-up, practical, heart-centered, and dogma-free…and How to Forgive was born.
I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and a relentless seeker. In addition to my Master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy, I have taken countless workshops, trainings, and studied with renowned teachers in the fields of spirituality, psychology, and personal growth.
The following is my most relevant professional experience and below are some very nice things people have said about me and my work.
  • BA in Psychology, SUNY Buffalo, 1993
  • Worked and volunteered with delinquent adolescent girls, chronically mentally ill adults, the elderly, hospice, the crisis center, an outpatient family clinic, and the physically disabled, 1995-2002
  • Graduated Naropa University with an MA in Contemplative (Buddhist) Psychology 2002
  • Established a Buddhist inspired psychotherapy practice, 2004
  • Created and facilitated retreats and workshops centered around the themes of belonging, personal truth, and self-love 2008-2014
  • Began creating How to Forgive, 2015
  • Launched How to Forgive 2019


“Dara has succeeded where many with the ancient knowing have struggled- in bringing this wisdom into a modern context that channels magic back into the world in a way that is relevant and needed NOW.”  L.H. Seattle, WA

A masterful teacher.” L.S., Seattle, WA

How to Forgive was an excellent experience.  Huge and lasting shifts occurred with just a little effort.” J.K. Seattle, WA

“Dara’s spirituality is so alive, you can almost see it, taste it and smell it. She was the perfect muse to help me re-birth me back into the world.” M.I. Boulder, CO

“Dara is a genius. She has synthesized so much powerful information in a way that is truly more than the sum of its parts.” C.M. Seattle, WA

“Thank you. Your work is so powerful and healing and I flew home on my bike like I was one with all of humanity, the earth, the sky, and eternity.” A.S. Seattle, WA

“Dara makes the forgiveness process fun, yet also deep, meaningful, doable, and effective.” C.M. Seattle, WA

“I cannot thank you enough. You have literally changed my life. What a powerful being you are!” D.V. Seattle, WA

“Dara will take you to the depths of your divinity.” F.B. Seattle, WA

“Dara is 21st century High Priestess” T.E. Seattle, WA

“A defenseless warrior” M.B. Boulder, CO

“Dara has succeeded where many with the ancient knowing have struggled- in bringing this wisdom into a modern context that channels magic back into the world in a way that is relevant and needed NOW.”  L.H. Seattle, WA

“This work is beyond important, it is vital.” A.T. Boulder, CO

“Dara is an inspiration and a treasure.” T. Z. Boulder, CO

“To have had my life rocked by such a powerful and gentle wave called Dara is a gift I will treasure immensely.” K.J. Seattle, WA

“Dara as the perfect mix of the East Coast and West Coast. She has her feet firmly on the ground with a head full of real-world knowledge.” L.P. Lafayette, LA

“In the world of forgiveness Dara is brilliant, sincere, and affirming.” C.M., Seattle, WA

“This experience opens my heart to feel love in a whole new way.” E.W. Seattle, WA

“Dara McKinley is pure genius and light.” K.C. Seattle, WA

How to Forgive was an incredible course filled with lots of juicy rituals and practical tools.” C.C. Seattle, WA

“Dara has clearly walked the path that she is teaching and delivers the information in a way that’s concise, beautiful, and full of magic.” J.B. Los Angeles, CA


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